Regular Lodge meetings take place at the St Saviourgate Masonic Hall, St Saviourgate, York, YO1 2NN.

Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of September, November, February, March and April. In October the meeting is held on the 3rd Tuesday.

Meetings begin at 19.00 Installation takes place in November each year at 18.00

The next meeting of Provincial Grand Chapter will take place at The University of York on Saturday 13th May 2017, at 10.30am.Companions are to be seated by 10.00am. Following the meeting, Luncheon will be served in the Roger Kirk Centre at 1.00pm.The meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge will follow at 3.15pm that afternoon. Companions and Brethren are to be seated by 2.45pm."


2014 EVENTS 

Remembering Masons who fell in the Great War 

A group of masons from Albert Victor Lodge No 2328,accompanied by their wives, attended the ceremonies to commemorate the Battle of Le Cateau in August 1914.

One of the founders of the Albert Victor Chapter was Innis Ware,who as a young Artillery Lieutenant fought at the battle during the retreat from Mons. Innis Ware survived the battle when over 7,800British soldiers were killed, wounded or captured in just four hours but as a French colonel put it during the ceremony 'The British lost the battle, but the battle saved the British army and possibly France as well!' Innis Ware went onto to become a Colonel, a well respected lawyer and York Coroner.Many Freemasons from our Province lost their lives during the Great War and Albert Victor felt it fitting that they should be remembered. As part of the ceremony a wreath was laid by the Master, W. Bro Francis Newton to honour their memory whilst the Secretary, W. Bro Martin Eede, placed one in honour of Innis Ware

Over 850 people attended the commemoration including 450 from the UK. As well as 93 (Le Cateau) Bty 5 RA from Catterick, also in the parade were the living historians from the Suffolk and Essex regiments, the Cycle Corps as well as the French 'associations patriotiques', the Mayor of Le Cateau, the sous-prefect representing the President, the Military Attache from the British Embassy and Albert Victor member, W Bro Stan Hardy, representing HM the Queen.

The ceremony, in rain on an exposed hill top at the Suffolk Hill cemetery, was poignant, moving and respectful. The Last Post was played and the singing of the two national anthems brought tears to many eyes!

The reception we had from the people of Le Cateau was extremely warm and welcoming with shops and cafes decorated in themes from the Great War.

It seems extraordinary to us that so much gratitude should beshown 100 years after the event but the Mayor reminded us "that inFrance's hour of need, Britain came and gave the finest of that generation in defence of our freedom. Vive la France, vive la Grande Bretagne!"

The Mayor of Le Cateau, wearing his Masonic commemorative pin, with W. Bro's Newton,Hardy and Eede

Martin Eede

Albert Victor Lodge No 2328

Some photograph's courtesy of Pascal Rossignol and L'Estaminet du Musee,

2013 EVENTS 

Christmas Lodge at Connaught Court 

By kind permission of the photographer

Lodge Dinner 

By kind permission of the photographer

Ladies Night Success

The Traditional Ladies Night at the end of the Master's tenure was held this year at the Lime House restaurant, Goodramgate. A popular occasion. This event was marked by the good food, relaxed surroundings and, as always, good company! Given the timing of the event it allows a chance for everyone to catch up on their summer breaks with tales of holidays and various adventures which meant the evening passed very quickly indeed. Appreciated by everyone was the gift of orchids from Margaret Newton, the Masters wife, which my wife has promised to try and keep alive, which will be some achievement, given the crimes we have committed on various orchids over the years!

WB Martin Eede.

Lodge Garden Party 

Sunday 9th June. Summer Garden Party, Kelfield

A get together in those 'Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer'

By kind permission of the photographer

The Yorkshire weather confounded all the sceptics and behaved impeccably for the Lodge and Chapter garden party! Held in the village of Kellfield everyone enjoyed the rural escape and the lunch expertly prepared by the caterers, Buckles of Selby. All agreed that this event was well worth repeating another year!

Visit to Grand Lodge

By kind permission of the photographer

Saturday 27 April. Visit to Grand Lodge, London

for a guided tour of the Library, Museum and Grand Lodge. Followed by suitable refreshment in the Pillars of Hercules.

'Awe inspiring and surprising....' Just two of the comments heard when a small group oF Albert Victor joined Brethren and their wives from across the country in visiting Grand Lodge, London. The morning visit took in much of the famous listed building, including one of the larger Temples, as well as the Temple where 2000 Brethren can assemble for a Grand Lodge meeting. The tour also highlighted the shrine outside the entrance of this Temple. For me this proved to be the most inspiring moment, seeing the small yet beautiful shrine dedicated to those Brethren who had lost their lives in the two world wars. The names inscribed within the shrine include nine VC's from the Great War. Another striking feature is the modernity of a building opened in 1933 with built-in heating, air conditioning and a vacuum cleaning system, clearly our predecessors were far-sighted indeed! The visit finished in the Museum of Freemasonry where a bewildering array of artefacts is stored. Time then, for a well-earned pint and lunch in that Masonic watering hole, 'Pillars of Hercules' before the journey back. For those Brethren who have not visited Grand Lodge before, I would heartily recommend joining us on another occasion.

Martin Eede

Open Evening

19 February Lodge Open Evening, St Saviourgate

Following the successful event last year which resulted in a number of new members joining the Lodge, a second event has taken place. Any Masons new to the York area and wishing to find out more about Albert Victor Lodge are invited to make contact and we will be pleased to meet you.

2012 Events

Installation of a new Master

The November meeting is traditionally the time that the Albert Victor Lodge installs its new Master for the year. This year WB Francis Newton was installed as Master for 2012-2013 with WB’s Allen and Eede as his Wardens. Representing the Provincial Grand Master W.B.Christopher Bodsworth PAGSt.B presented the IPM jewel, donated to the Lodge in 1918, to WB Jim Hunter with an acknowledgement of all that he had done to sustain and develop the Lodge over the last years.

By kind permission of the photograher and subjects

Also attending were representatives from the following Lodges: Minster 4663, Forest of Galtres 9438, Agricola 1991, St Germain 566. Visitors came from York 236 and Alcuin 6300 from the Provinces of North East and West Yorkshire, many attracted by the age old ceremony at Albert Victor which involves the traditional opening and closing of the Board of Installed Masters as part of the Installation ceremony.

At the following festive board the Master outlined plans for the year which included the further encouragement of the junior members of the Lodge as well as a wide ranging social programme, details which appear elsewhere on this website.


Annual Lodge Meeting at Connaught Court

For the third year running Albert Victor was given permission to hold their regular December meeting at Connaught Court, the RMBI home in Fulford, York.

Whilst Albert Victor members occupied the Masters and Wardens chairs, residents of Connaught Court were invited to take other positions in the ceremony.

The opportunity for residents at Connaught Court, who cannot get to meetings of their own Lodges, to attend a regular ceremony, is gaining popularity each year with the Library at Connaught Court filled to capacity. Indeed, such is the popularity that Masons belonging to Lodges in West Riding, Durham, Wiltshire and Cyprus as well as North and East Riding, were present to support members of their own Lodges now resident at Connaught Court.

The business of the Lodge centred around the presentation of the Grand Lodge certificate to B. Darren Fawcett, who commented afterwards that ‘it was an honour to receive it in front of so many experienced and distinguished Masons’.

The Master of Albert Victor Lodge, WB. Francis Newton said 'I am so pleased that once again we have been joined by so many members of Connaught Court in what has for them, and for us, become an important part of the Masonic year.'

The meeting was followed by a performance by Arnold Durham, formerly of York Light Opera, singing songs from the shows to an audience swelled by a number of ladies who joined us for sherry and mince pies.

These pictures were taken at the 2012 meeting.

By kind permission of the photograher and subjects

By kind permission of the photograher and subjects

2011 Events

By kind permission of the photograher and subjects

This picture was taken at the meeting at Connaught Court.